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JV Office Support has packages tailored to your business needs so that your clients are served when more urgent matters are at hand.

What type of business do you conduct and what roles do you enjoy the most?

Do you run a small business and want to raise your professional image?

Would you like to have a receptionist to answer your calls on your behalf when you are with clients, but don’t want the overheads?

Well… Click on one of the packages below that would best describe your type of business.

Packages available are:

Out-of Area Package

One Person Show

Road Warrior

New Business Start-up
Business Consultant

Boardroom Hire

Secretarial Services
Out-of-Area Package
One Person Show Package
Road Warrior Package
New Business Start-up Package
Business Consultant Package

To discuss with JV Office Support your business requirements and start taking action on improving your efficiency, telephone our professional team on
02 4322 6155.