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JV Office Support realises that small businesses need support and may be reluctant to employ staff or invest in an office set-up due to overhead costs, whilst still maintaining a professional image.

Being a business owner is a juggling act - of keeping clients, suppliers and staff serviced …meanwhile our family and friends would love to be able to spend more time with us.

Time management is the key to a successful life, why not share some of those roles with us and get back that time you have worked so hard to enjoy!

Services available are:

Boardroom Hire

Secretarial Services
Boardroom Hire for permanent or casual bookings
Secretarial Services
To discuss with JV Office Support your business requirements and start taking action on improving your efficiency, telephone our professional team on
02 4322 6155.
“Businesses need this service, it is all about time management,being able to spend more time doing the things we do best and love the most.” - David Norris, Active Assist